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En el 2020, cuatro tours de café locales formaron una alianza que reconoce la importancia de practicar la filantropía comunitaria. Implementaron una estrategia que redirige $1 por visitante al Fondo Comunitario de Monteverde y la Asoc. Desarrollo San Luis para invertir en la comunidad y su bienestar.

Hasta ahora, la Alianza ha recaudado más de $60,000 para proyectos dirigidos por la comunidad.


Con los fondos recaudados se han apoyado los siguientes proyectos:


The National Distance University (UNED) is leading this program that provides:

  • Training and mentoring local entrepreneurs.t

  • Support for formalizing small businesses.

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Monteverde Produce

Reviving sustainable local traditions in cooking and food production. This project is led by the Monteverde Institute.

You can watch a series of short videos on this project here.

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Community Survey 2022

A community-wide survey was implemented to learn about the current socioeconomic reality. This contributes to decision-making in a more assertive way, and keeps us more in tune with the needs of the people of our community. This was a collaboration between the Monteverde Community Fund, the Monteverde Institute and with support from the Coffee Tour Alliance.

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Semillas del Bosque

The collective Vamos a Sembrar leads a series of free courses that provide environmental education programs for young girls and their families in nearby communities.

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Sidewalks Project

Collaborating with CORCLIMA and the local Council in a community effort to promote walking (no emissions) and make it safe.

You can watch a micro documentary about this project here.

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