We learn what the community needs, and with your help we provide solutions.

When donating through our bank account or Amigos of Costa Rica site, please add the name of the item you would like to purchase in the description .

1 Small Chicken Coop


Small chicken Coop

-Good for 3 to 4 small hens.

-Can be transported and relocated easily inside the garden.

-Can be useful for breaking in a new veggie patch (just place over a bed you want cleared out and let your chickens do the work)

1 Food Pack


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-Feeds up to four people.

-Includes cleaning supplies and fresh, locally grown produce.

Seeds and tools for the local Community Garden


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Supplies for Monteverde's Emergency Shelter



-With the hurricane season extending for longer each year due to global warming, Central America has become a recurring target. The community is in need of supplies such as blankets, sleeping mats, flashlights, batteries and more. You may also bring your donations directly to our office in Santa Elena, Monteverde.

Hecho en Monteverde

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Give VRDS, Monteverde's own local currency.